EV Tuesday Week 117

EV Tuesday Week 117

It's EV Tuesday!

20th February 2024
Good Morning EV Tuesday Readers,
Another week is upon us, slowly creeping through the year. Here at EV Cables, we work hard behind the scenes putting together your cable and researching many hints, tips, tools and links for you to take in. This week we have found a great selection.
Pop the kettle on, grab a biscuit and take a seat as you scroll through this week's EV Tuesday Newsletter.
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Feedback, Requests, Questions? 
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Have a great week everyone and happy reading! 


With this app, charging at an IONITY station is just as convenient as finding one. A collaboration with key car manufacturers and supported by the EU, IONITY is setting the standard for ultra-rapid EV powering. With its advanced 350kW chargers, it’s a game-changer but also more expensive than other networks.


UK achieves 1 million EV registrations milestone. SMMT says that 2 million by 2026 is a real possibility with Government help. January 2024, the UK automotive sector marked a significant milestone with the registration of the country's millionth battery electric vehicle (BEV), highlighting a growing trend towards greener transportation.
This achievement coincided with an 8.2% increase in new car registrations, totalling 142,876 units, marking the strongest start to a year since 2020 and continuing an 18-month streak of growth.


Practice using a public charger near home before setting out on your first long trip so you don’t panic about what to do in the dark with no miles left.

Thank you to Diana from the Facebook Group UK Electric Vehicle Owners for this weeks tip.



Rob's first electric car is reborn. Robert reconnects with a pioneering electric car in which he covered many a mile when it arrived back in 2009: The groundbreaking Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
But this particular car is rather special: thanks to some tasty upgrades it’s been made more capable than it ever was in period, all while repurposing its outgoing tired components. Is it time for Bobby to add an I-MiEV to his garage once again?


Hyundai Kona Electric 2024
The 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric is a new body with the same driveline. But the result is a smooth and quiet EV with a low enough price tag that it's a serious challenger to gas-powered competitors. The Hyundai Kona Electric won’t set records for range or power. You won’t find one at the top of a mountain, and you probably won’t find fans fighting over its merits on social media.



28th - 30th March 2024, Excel London. Everything Electric is designed to inspire people to #StopBurningStuff, this year's show includes an array of visitor attractions, dozens of 'live sessions' and an exhibition of hundreds of companies, with electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and a huge selection of home energy options too.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team


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