EV Tuesday Week 75

EV Tuesday Week 75

It's EV Tuesday!

18th April 2023
It's that time of the week again, EV Tuesdays is here!
What a wet and windy week it has been. Let's hope it starts to brighten up soon. How did you all find last weeks newsletter? Did you enjoy the blog we included from our very own team? Pop us a message with any tips you have come across and we will include them in our newsletter.
So now is the time to sit down and read a few hints, tips and some useful information about anything EV related. This week we have another selection of 5 tools for you to enjoy.  
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Happy reading :)
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Have a great week everyone and happy reading! 


Electroverse gives you one-tap access to 411,225 public chargers across the UK & Europe. Public charging made simple. Charging your electric car used to mean a plethora of different cards and apps, with usage spread across different emails, texts and bills. Not anymore.



Genesis, the luxury brand that's part of the Hyundai Motor Group, has launched a home electrification program called Genesis Home, which essentially offers a similar package to Tesla's Powerwall.
In other words, Genesis offers access to a so-called one-stop marketplace platform that comes with a dedicated energy advisor who can offer guidance regarding the purchase or lease of a rooftop solar system, an energy storage system, a Level 2 EV charger, and all the other necessary components needed to make everything work.


If city life is the one for you - and owning a car (any car!) isn’t practical - you can still contribute to saving our planet by travelling emission-free! We have found a way to make your day-to-day commute that much greener.

Click on the image below to find a list of taxi companies that are working on reducing CO2 emissions in their cities, ranging from one or two electric cars to a whole fleet!


How CHEAPLY Can You EV Convert Your Old Car? In today's episode we see a very happy Jack behind the wheel of a freshly electrified classic Mini, and his beaming face tells you just how much fun he’s having!
Bristol based company Fellten, design and manufacture EV retro-fitting technology for all manner of classic cars, and with their base not far from the Fully Charged offices, Jack drops by to find out more, and ask the question “Will converting a classic car ever really be a viable option?” We hope so!!


Subaru Solterra

Japan’s quirky 4x4 brand gets a helping hand from Toyota for its first EV. The Subaru Solterra was first shown to the public towards the end of 2021 and entered production in the spring of 2022. It shares a factory with its Toyota bZ4X sibling, but unlike the Subaru BRZ sports car, the Solterra is built on a Toyota line, rather than a Subaru line, in Japan.




History of Electric Vehicles:
The first electric vehicle was developed in the 1830s by Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor.
In the early 20th century, electric vehicles were more popular than gasoline vehicles, especially in urban areas.
The introduction of the Ford Model T in 1908 led to a decline in the popularity of electric vehicles.
Interest in electric vehicles began to grow again in the 1990s and 2000s due to concerns about climate change and air pollution.
Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

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