EV Tuesdays: Week 15

EV Tuesdays: Week 15

Week 15: 15th February 2022

It's Tuesday already....Happy Tuesday EV Owners! A new week is upon us and we have a cracking line up for you this week.

Each week we will bring to you 5 different tools, tutorials, podcasts, pretty much anything we can find to help you with your electric car. Feel free to let us know if there is anything in particular you want to know about....we will get our little fingers tapping on the keyboard and searching the internet for you and see what we come up with.

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Until then, grab a drink, click on the links below and enjoy this weeks 5 items.


1. EV Podcast: Fully Charged

Charging across Europe with Paul Harms. Mobility Service is a Dutch-based EV lease company that aims to promote electric driving throughout Europe. As a very early adopter and at the helm of Mobility Service, Paul Harms has helped spread the use of EV’s widely in Holland & across the continent. Robert and Paul discuss Fully Charged LIVE in Amsterdam in May, charging across Europe and Paul’s EV journey.

2. EV News: Bentley Manufacturing Facility

Bentley has announced that it will build its first-ever electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom with a £2.5 billion investment ($3,375,537,500). Bentley plans to update its Crewe, England plant with the investment.

3. EV Tip: Be Cool With The AC

Operating the air conditioning consumes battery power at a rapid rate. Try running only the fan, and not the compressor whenever possible; driving with the windows open is an obvious alternative. Unfortunately, the latter will take a toll on your vehicle’s aerodynamics at higher speeds and, in turn, reduce its operating range slightly. That’s because the more aerodynamic “drag” that’s placed on a vehicle, the more energy it takes to run it, especially at higher speeds. Still, operating the AC at full chill will drain the battery far quicker than will driving with the windows down. Again, pre-cool the car in summer months while it’s charging to help reduce the need to run the AC once you hit the road.

4. EV Off Roading: Top Gear

What is the best electric vehicle for off roading? The Top Gear team take a look at which Electric Vehicle is the best for Off Roading!

5. EV Etiquette: The Driven

Electric car etiquette is something all new EV owners – and combustion car owners for that matter – are faced with learning, and often it is via the unwritten book called experience.


Blog Version Extra:

6. EV BikeAuto Car

Incase you are looking fro 2 wheels instead of 4, take a look at the best electric motorbikes on sale now - and the ones worth waiting for.


Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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