EV Tuesdays: Week 20

EV Tuesdays: Week 20

Week 20: 22nd March 2022


Good Morning to our EV Tuesday fans, it's EV Tuesday time.

We hope you are enjoying your weekly newletter drop of everything EV related. This week we have a fantastic line up for you to enjoy. We will be dropping another 5 useful tools and tips aswell as videos and ideas. All you need to do now is maybe pop in your earphones, turn down the TV and take a bit of time out to have a read through the newsletter.

Don't forget to head over to our social media channels like FacebookReddit (find us at r/evcables subreddit) & Twitter to add any comments you want to make. We'll also be posting these to our blog here (with one extra item!), so get involved and give us any ideas in the comments. We'll hoover them all up to future editions!

Are you ready..........GO!


1. EV Info: The Climate Question

Billions of dollars are being invested in electric vehicles in the name of fighting climate change. World leaders are backing them as the green fix for our burgeoning road transport emissions.

But when you factor in the carbon emissions that come from manufacturing EVs, how well do they stack up against their petrol and diesel counterparts? If all the cars on the road switched to EVs, could we meet our climate targets? bWhat do you think?

2. EV The Best of: Top Gear

Now who would like one of these?

Audi is planning a range of performance e-trons that'll sit alongside its combustion-powered RS cars. Seismic news in the admittedly niche world of bonkers fast estate cars. Audi appears to be seriously considering an all-electric, full-fat RS6 e-tron.

3. EV Tip: Time Your Charge

You may not want to keep your car plugged into its charger whenever it’s in the garage. That's because most EV batteries will slowly self-discharge when they’ve finished charging. You may be able to recover a few extra miles of range by timing the charge so the battery pack is at full strength just before you hit the road.

This can also be advantageous to the battery’s long-term health, and if your electricity provider offers a lower rate for off-peak use, it can save you a few bucks in the process.

4. EV Social: Marlow Electric Vehicles

This is a Facebook social media group for everyone interested in Electric Vehicles, including Electric Vehicle owners and anyone curious about the amazing world of Electric Vehicles.

It is based in Marlow, perfect for the guys in our office. Head over and join the group and interact with other likeminded enthusiasts.

5. EV News: Oxford Mail

The first phase of Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone will get underway, with drivers of non-electric vehicles charged for going down eight roads in the city centre. 

The ZEZ – the first of its kind in Britain – is being piloted ahead of an expected roll-out next year.

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Podcast: Fully Charged

We’ve showcased plenty of EV conversions on the channel before, but up until now they’ve mostly been high-end, beautifully refurbished classics. In this episode, Jack heads to France to investigate the entry-level of EV conversion.

For €5,000 after government subsidies, a company by the name of Transition One claims it can turn your old banger into a no fuss, no-emissions electric car. Is this the answer to overpriced new cars? Could this be the key to accelerating EV uptake? Check out the episode to find out.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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