EV Tuesdays: Week 22

EV Tuesdays: Week 22

Week 22: 5th April 2022


Welcome to our EV Tuesday fans. Well here we are, the beginning of April, 1/4 of the year gone already. How are we all doing? Who is ready to consume lots of chocolate soon for Easter? We hope that you are finding our hints, tips and tools useful.

This week we have a great bit of news for you to read, a new tip and if you sign up to our blog you will get an extra item! Now is the time to take a 10 minute break, (it doesn't take too long to read through the newsletter), sit down with a cup of coffee and have a read through what we have in store this week.

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Have a great week everyone and happy reading!


1. EV Charge: Charge Points v Petrol Stations

The electric car revolution is well and truly taking shape as new stats reveal there are more public charging locations for plug-in vehicles than there are fuel stations in the UK for the first time in history.

2. EV Events: Local Club Events

Local club events: We hope to see you at one of our casual events - see News and Events page for future meeting details and sign up via our Facebook events page, or email mgevownersclub@gmail.com.

Next meeting - 16th April at Eastbourne MG.
National events 2022: London to Brighton EV Rally 25th June, EV Festival at Gaydon 3rd July, MG 40th Birthday Bash 16th/17th July.

3. EV Tip: Fan Settings

Minimise the fan setting when driving. We find it best to use recirculation to minimise heating/cooling external air all the time.

4. EV Info: EV Magz

The Mini E is an electric vehicle produced by Mini, a brand under the BMW Group. This electric car is equipped with a 32.6 kWh battery capacity, enough to drive 233 km in full condition.

5. EV News: Inside Evs

Cars.com reveals its top EVs in four different catagories, including Value, Families, Luxury and Commuters. Have a look to see who the winners are! Let us know what you think of the chosen winners. Do you agree or disagree?

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV News: Auto Car

Transport minister Trudy Harrison has vowed that the UK government will help create "one of the best electric vehicle charging networks in the world" to help drive EV adoption.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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