EV Tuesday Week 116

EV Tuesday Week 116

It's EV Tuesday!

13th February 2024
Hello EV Lovers,
We are in to yet another week in the year, time is flying by so fast. Last week we asked for your tips for driving/owning an EV, and it is great to say we received a fair few. So, we will be sharing these with you guys over the next few weeks. Check them out to see if yours has been featured.
Now is the time to sit down and read through what we have got for you this week.
We will be posting this to our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter & Reddit (check out r/evcables subreddit). If you have access to our blog, you will get an extra item :) 
Right, ready.....steady.........GO!!
Feedback, Requests, Questions? 
As always, please give us feedback on Twitter. Which item is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions?  Just send a tweet to @ev_cables and put #EVTuesdays at the end so we can find it.
Have a great week everyone and happy reading! 


A Better Routeplanner is the world's most appreciated service to plan, learn and dream about Electric Vehicles - EVs. Simply select your vehicle model, enter your destination and hit plan to get a full trip plan including charge stops and trip duration.
When you are ready to drive it, just go to driving mode and use ABRP as a real-time plan follow-up tool and even navigator, replan as necessary and get continuously updated information about your trip.


The new car batteries that could power the electric vehicle revolution. Researchers are experimenting with different designs that could lower costs, extend vehicle ranges and offer other improvements. There’s a revolution brewing in batteries for electric cars.
Japanese car maker Toyota said last year that it aims to release a car in 2027–28 that could travel 1,000 kilometres and recharge in just 10 minutes, using a battery type that swaps liquid components for solids.


Do lots of test drives, some dealers may even let you have an EV for a day so you really get to know it.

Jen from Facebook Group Women Drive Electric UK has sent in this useful tip.




Striking the Right Balance with EV Charging Management. Ever wonder how property managers of apartment complexes and condos are handling EV charging? Well, if they’re smart, they’re already working with Marina Hod from Wevo Energy! Press play to learn more about the importance of efficient and cost-effective EV charging from the comfort of “whatever-you-call-home,” all while considering energy management and driver experience.


Maserati GranTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo: An all-new Maserati, even if it bears a passing resemblance to the old one that was around for 15 years. It comes in all-electric form to boot, as well as petrol. Those are, for an EV, unusually long-nose proportions. But it needs to be that way to have room for the petrol version's V6, and anyway that snout looks fabulous.



Electrogenic converts Jason Momoa’s 1929 Rolls-Royce to electric power. UK EV conversion firm Electrogenic has revealed that Hollywood superstar Jason Momoa is the celebrity customer behind its latest project – a 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team


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