Wottz NACS J3400

The all new SAE J3400 North American Charging Standard

Wottz NACS J3400 Plug

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) is what Tesla named its proprietary electric vehicle (EV) charging connector and charge port when, in November 2022, it opened the patented design and specifications for use by other EV manufacturers and EV charging network operators worldwide. NACS offers both AC and DC charging in one compact plug, using the same pins for both, and supporting up to 1MW of power on DC. Almost all car manufacturers have now said that they will supply their vehicles with NACS in the North American market. In July 2023, SAE announced plans to “fast track” standardising the NACS Electric Vehicle Coupler as SAE J3400 by publishing the standard ahead of schedule, before 2024. The standards will address how plugs connect with charging stations, charging speeds, reliability and cybersecurity.

The Wottz NACS plug offers reliable performance, trusted safety and a robust design that ensures trouble free charging throughout the product lifetime. Wottz has leveraged its 8 years of experience in the EV market to develop a NACS connector that offers premium features and class leading serviceability which maximises value to our end users.

Wottz NACS Plug Features:

Ultra Durable:

  • Glass reinforced nylon receptacle is both wear and heat resistant ensuring a perfect fit into your car or charge point socket every time
  • ABS handle with rib reinforcement creates a shock resistant assembly that can withstand the crushing forces of an accidental run over by a car
  • ABS plastic is UV stabilised to prevent brittleness which can occur to plastics over time when exposed to direct sunlight

Water resistant:

  • Horizontal parting line with moulded lip seals prevents water ingress will charging
  • Double lipped cable gland acts as both a strain relief and a weather seal around the cable, the double lip design ensures separation can never occur

Contact technology:

  • Hyperboloid contacts are used to maximise electrical contact area, reducing resistive losses and allowing for greater tolerance of misalignment during plug mating cycles
  • Silver plated contacts resist corrosion and reduce the risk of runaway electrical heating
  • Contacts are hydraulically crimped creating a permanent electrical connection with the charging cable

Environmentally friendly:

  • All materials used are recyclable and ROHS compliant
  • Wottz plugs are serviceable, this is achieved by not using resin, plastic or rubber potting techniques whereby the entire plug cavity is filled creating a solid component which is impossible to take apart for servicing or recycling
  • Locally sourced components, all plastics are moulded locally to our assembly facility reducing our carbon footprint in our supply chain


  • Independent testing laboratories used to certify compliance to SAE J3400
  • Internal quality assurance procedures to maintain production quality
  • Real world testing through thousands of plugs sold with feedback into the Wottz plug design

Plug Type:

SAE J3400

NACS North American Charging Standard

Charging Mode:

Mode 3, Case B

Operating Current:

Up to 48A single phase

Operating Voltage:

Up to 240 VAC 500 VDC

Operating Frequency:

50 Hz to 60 Hz

Standard Ambient Operating Temperature:

–30 °C to +50 °C

I.P Rating:

IP 44 connected to vehicle 

IP54 (Dust cap)

Connection Method:

Crimped connection, cannot be disconnected

Mating Cycles:

>10 000

Insertion/Withdrawal Force:


Contact Material:

Brass, 5um silver plated



UL 2594, 2263 and 2251

J3400 compliant


Case material: 

ABS UV stabilised 

Mating receptacle material:

Nylon 6 Glass Filled 30%

Strain relief material: