EV Tuesdays Week 51

EV Tuesdays Week 51

It's EV Tuesday!

1st November 2022
It's that time of week again EV Lovers! Happy Tuesday! Today is the day you get to have a look at what we have in store for you.
This week there will be 5 different pieces of exciting electric car goodness. You can enjoy an app, a review, some news and maybe a podcast to listen to.
So, grab yourself a drink, be it hot or cold depending on what time of day it is, a biscuit or a packet of crisps, open up the 5 links and enjoy.
We'll also be posting these to our blog here (with one extra item!) Twitter, Facebook, Reddit (check-out the r/evcables subreddit) so get involved and give us any ideas in the comments, they may well get used next week!
Feedback, Requests, Questions? 
As always, please give us feedback on Twitter. Which item is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Just send a tweet to @ev_cables and put #EVTuesdays at the end so we can find it.
Have a great week everyone and happy reading! 

1. EV App of the Week: Charge Map

Chargemap is your travel companion for finding charging stations and calmly planning your electric car journeys. Do you want to find a charging station nearby?

• Are you planning a long trip in an electric car for the holidays?

• Want to spot the best fast charging stations along your route?

• Are you looking for free charging stations around you?

2. EV News: Robbreport.com

In an about face, Ferrari says it will unveil its first fully electric car in 2025. The Italian marque had previously been slow to embrace electrification.

3. EV Tip: Know Your Vehicles Settings

EVs have different modes that affect performance and power usage. For example, the Tesla Model S can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds in Ludicrous Mode, but that means giving up range.

Take the time to wise up on all of your car's capabilities so you can be smart about using your battery.

4. EV Podcast: The EV Resource Podcast

Arcimoto opens sales in new states, Tesla shares about a future vehicle platform, GM unveils two new EVs, and much more. Click below to listen to the podcast.

5. EV Review: Auto Express

Nissan has done a stellar job with its all-electric Ariya family SUV. Its breadth of capability and excellent quality will be a welcome surprise to buyers, as it stands head and shoulders above any other model in the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup.

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Charge: Charge Hub

With the ChargeHub store you can compare and order different models of home charging stations. You will find charging stations from a variety of brands including EV Duty, Aerovironment and Schneider.

Several guides are also available to help you learn about public EV charging, home charging and to help you choose the best EV charging station for you.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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