Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Extensions

There are two types of EV Cable extensions...

EV Charging Cables Extensions

Unfortunately the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard is clear on the matter; “A cord extension set or second cable assembly shall not be used in addition to the cable assembly for the connection of the EV to EVSE.”. Therefore any EV extension cable will sit outside of the standards and will affect your vehicle warranty in the event of a claim.

You therefore have 2 options when looking to extend your cable:

Extending Standard Untethered (Plug to Plug) Cables: Purchase a Type 1 or Type 2 cable for the full length you require and use your existing cable as a spare.

Extending Tethered Charge Point Cables: Purchase a Type 1 Tethered Cable or Type 2 Tethered Cable for the full length you require and replace your existing cable. 

Portable (Granny) Charger Extension Cables

Extend your portable changer with our purpose build weatherproof extension lead. They're purpose built for EV chargers with thicker wiring and a built in RCD.