EV Tuesday Week 76

EV Tuesday Week 76

It's EV Tuesday!

25th April 2023
Good Morning EV Community!
Happy EV Tuesday. How are we at the end of April already?! What did you think of the great links last week? This week we have some fantastic electric vehicle goodies for you to browse through. There may be a bit of news, a podcast, some charging info even and, as usual, an app and a handy tip.
Now is the time to stop what you are doing for a few minutes, click on the links and see what we have in store this week. 
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Remember to pop us a message or leave a comment with some feedback on what we provide. Tell us what you like, what you don't like and what you would like more of.
Right, ready.....steady.........GO!!
Feedback, Requests, Questions? 
As always, please give us feedback on Twitter. Which item is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions?  Just send a tweet to @ev_cables and put #EVTuesdays at the end so we can find it.
Have a great week everyone and happy reading! 


Waze is popular with non-EV and EV drivers alike, thanks to its ease of use and community-driven data. Drivers share information about traffic, road conditions, incidents, speed cameras, and other useful navigational updates that can help you avoid lengthy traffic jams.
Waze supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — but if you’re a Tesla driver, there’s even more good news. A dedicated Tesla Waze website allows you to use Waze on your Tesla screen, so you can take advantage of the millions of community updates that make Waze one of the most popular navigation apps for drivers.



Jaguar Land Rover to ramp up EV production with £15bn investment. JLR says first UK-made electric car will be £100,000 Jaguar four-door ‘grand tourer’ built in Solihull.
Jaguar Land Rover has said it will invest £15bn over five years as Britain’s largest car-making employer upgrades its factories to produce electric vehicles, including its first UK-made battery car.


The charging cables you can use during the trip may vary. For example, you may have to use standard wall sockets instead of charging stations in some places. This may lead to a need for both an adapter and a backup cable, so it is advisable to pack both before leaving home.


Sunday 28th April 2024. The Electric Vehicles Festival is a Celebration of all Electric Vehicles.
We welcome Owners of all Full Electric Vehicles! Car, E-Motor Bike & Scooters, Commercials Light & HGV, Buses, Coaches & Classic Conversions to come along and display your electric amongst many others. The Festival embraces everything to do with Electric Vehicles.


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: It’s fair to say that the Tesla Model 3 has now officially embedded itself into the British motoring landscape, with sales eclipsing not just other electric cars, but many key compact executive rivals.

While it’s sometimes impossible to ignore the controversy around Tesla and the way it operates, the impact it’s had in integrating electric cars into the psyche of modern everyday motorists has been profound, whether you’re a fan of electric cars or not.




The Top Gear Electric Awards are back! These are the greatest EVs in the world right now from supercars to saloons, pick-ups to city cars, retro drift cars to legends, SUVs to GTs and vans to luxury limos... who said EVs were dull? Join Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix as we run through all the winners of our 2023 Electric Awards...
Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team


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