EV Tuesdays: Week 12

EV Tuesdays: Week 12

Week 12: 25th January 2022

Hello EV Tuesday fans. How are we nearly at the end of January already? Time is flying by! Talking of flying....who made use of the quick discount deal we gave last week? We hope a few of you took advantage and made a purchase.

Did you like the hints, tips and tools we provided? This week we have another 5 goodies lined up for you to take a look at. As always, make a cup of tea or coffee, eat up the last remaining biscuits and chocolates and feast your eyes on these!

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Until next time, have a great week!


1. EV Charge: ZapMap

Zap-Map makes electric vehicle (EV) charging simple. We are the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search for charge points, plan longer journeys, pay on participating networks and share updates with other EV drivers.

2. EV Video: Companies Using Electric Cars

In the upcoming years, electric cars will take over those with internal combustion engines. From big companies to new startups, several automakers are rushing headlong to promise more electric cars models ranging from electric cars to electric pickups to make sure that everyone can choose. Top 7 Companies That Already Uses Electric Cars.

3. EV Tip: Slow Down When Driving

Try to keep your speed under 60 mph whenever possible. You’ll not only avoid getting a speeding ticket, you’ll bolster your battery range in the process. The Department of Energy says you’ll use 14% less energy by reducing your speed by 10 mph. If your EV has an “Eco” mode, engage it for more gentle acceleration; if it has a sport mode that enlivens things, keep it switched off.

4. EV Charge Compare: Destination Charge

Compare prices, coverage and more of destination chargers with our handy comparison tool. Compare the cost of destination charging networks side-by-side to see which one best suits your journey. Simply choose your vehicle, then adjust the mileage dial and get a true reflection on charging costs.

5. EV Social Media Group: UK Electric Vehicle Owners

A great Facebook group for EV drivers. The group is for all electric vehicle owners and prospective owners to share and gain information about electric vehicles.


Blog Version Extra:

6. EV The Best of: Top Gear

Back to the Future: the Alpha WOLF is giving us Marty McFly vibes! Enjoy Top Gear’s exclusive photo shoot with latest American EV pick-up truck, and it’s the raddest so far.


Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team

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