EV Tuesdays Week 45

EV Tuesdays Week 45

EV Tuesdays: Week 42
20th September 2022

It's that day of the week again all you EV fans!
How are we all feeling after the recent events of this last 10 days or so? Did anyone pay their respects at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace? The tributes were simply breathtaking. May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace.
Back to EV Tuesdays......Today is the day you get to have a look at what we have discovered this week, and boy have we found some good links for you. How did you score in the quiz last week in the blog?
As usual there will be 5 different pieces of exciting electric car goodness including a very useful tip. So, grab yourself a drink, be it hot or cold depending on what time of day it is, a biscuit or a packet of crisps, open up the 5 links and enjoy.
We'll also be posting these to our blog hereTwitter, Facebook, Reddit (check out r/evcables subreddit) so get involved and give us any ideas in the comments, they may well get used next week, and of course we will give you a mention.

1. EV App of the Week: Waze

Waze is popular with non-EV and EV drivers alike, thanks to its ease of use and community-driven data. Drivers share information about traffic, road conditions, incidents, speed cameras, and other useful navigational updates that can help you avoid lengthy traffic jams.
Waze supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — but if you’re a Tesla driver, there’s even more good news. A dedicated Tesla Waze website allows you to use Waze on your Tesla screen, so you can take advantage of the millions of community updates that make Waze one of the most popular navigation apps for drivers.

2. EV Etiquette: The Driven

Electric car etiquette is something all new EV owners – and combustion car owners for that matter – are faced with learning, and often it is via the unwritten book called experience.

3. EV Tip: What is your top tip?

What is your best top tip? Were you given any good tips when you purchased your EV? What advice or tips would you give to someone looking to purchase their first EV? Pop us a message, tag us in a post on social media or send us an email. We may even feature your top tip one week.

4. EV News: Autocar

It's official - electric vehicles are in the mainstream. 2021 was a record year for EV sales, with more vehicles registered last year than in the previous five combined.

5. EV Review: What Car?

The Vauxhall Corsa-e is the fully electric version of one of the most popular cars in Britain. Indeed, the Vauxhall Corsa is frequently at the very top of the sales charts. 

Compared with petrol-powered versions of the Corsa, the Corsa-e has a slightly longer wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels), with its rear axle pushed further back to help accommodate a big battery packaged under the seats. The suspension and steering have been tuned differently too, to cope with the substantial amount of extra weight. 

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Event: London EV Show

The inaugural edition of the London EV Show emerged as the leading international EV event in terms of participation & execution. Despite the covid restrictions, the event was instrumental in gathering the leading EV professionals from across the globe to drive valuable conversations and long-term collaboration through a combined in-person and virtual format.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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