EV Tuesdays: Week 36

EV Tuesdays: Week 36

EV Tuesdays: Week 36
19th July 2022


Hello EV Tuesday fans.

What beautiful weather we are having! Who is enjoying it and making the most of the beautiful sunshine? 

Did you like the hints, tips and tools we provided? This week we have another 5 goodies lined up for you to take a look at. As always, make a cup of tea or coffee, head out into the garden and feast your eyes on these!

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Until next time, have a great week!


1. EV APP of the Week: Zap Map

UK’s No.1 EV mapping service - locate charge points, plan your journey and share updates with other EV drivers. With over 14,000 locations, 24,000 devices and 40,000 connectors mapped, Zap-Map shows charge points from both the major networks and smaller providers across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

2. EV News: Teslerati

Volkswagen opened orders for the ID.Buzz in the United Kingdom with a starting price of £57,115 ($67,744.10). Three ID.Buzz variants are available for order in the UK: the ID.Buzz Life, ID.Buzz Style, and the ID.Buzz 1st Edition. The ID.Buzz Life is the base variant, costing £57,115 ($67,744.10). The ID.Buzz Style costs £61,915.00 ($73,410), while the 1st Edition costs slightly more at £62,995 ($74,690).

3. EV Tip: Zap Maps

“My top tip when planning an EV journey is to take advice from other EV drivers who have been there before,” says Melanie Shufflebotham.

“Most EV brands have a forum where you can seek advice from drivers of the same car, such as the Nissan Leaf Owners forum, the Kia e-Niro Owners forum and many more.”

She continues: “Also, when you are planning your journey, make sure you check out any comments from Zap-Map users for valuable info. On Zap-Map you can check out the chat channel on individual charge points, and you will see feedback on charge experience and other info, such as whether there is a coffee shop nearby – plus pictures to help you locate the charger.

“And don’t forget to check-in on Zap-Map when you charge to help others!”

4. EV Review: Car Wow

The Porsche Taycan is a seriously fast, seriously luxurious four-seater sports car that’s packed with tech, comfy to drive and better than a Tesla Model S in the corners. Is the Porsche Taycan a good car?

5. EV Community: Electric Car Community

ElectricCarCommunity.com provides access to the latest electric Vehicle news stories. Our editorial team searches through hundreds of news items each week and posts the best articles from trusted EV news sources across the Internet. ECC also provides content resources for EV drivers, including vehicle profiles, model data, and charging information.

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Video: Transport Evolved

Why Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular In Rural Areas. For a long time, there's been a stereotype that's portrayed electric vehicles as crippled woke vehicles only wealthy urbanites can afford to drive (or indeed can actually make use of because of very limited range). But as new data shows this week, there's more growth in electric vehicle sales in some rural areas than in major cities. 

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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