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Tesla Cybertruck Charging Cables

Tesla Cybertruck EV CABLE

Your Tesla Cybertruck supports a maximum of 11kW charging (Three Phase/16A) and uses a Type 2 Connector.

Choose from the cables listed below.

Tesla Cybertruck is known for its strength and durability. The exterior shall is made for passenger protection.  It has a 30 x cold rolled stainless steel shell and Tesla armor glass, protection all round. Every part of the vehicle has been designed for its superior strength and endurance. This amazing steel helps eliminate dents and corrosion with a smooth exoskeleton holding the shell.

Charging is done using an EV Cables Type 2 connector with a maximum power of 16.5kW. A fully depleted battery will charge in around 6.5 hours, but you will need a phase 3 grid connection to achieve this.

The Cybertruck is one of the most powerful tools Tesla have ever built. There is 100 cubic metres of exterior with lockable storage, perfect for stowing away your valuables. The vault like storage has enough room for your toolbox, spare tyre, and there’s even room for a Quad if you have one.

Tesla Cybertruck has adaptive air suspension which you can raise and lower by 4 inches in either direction. It has the capability to adapt to any occasion and help with any job no matter how big or small it is.

The interior can comfortably seat 6 adults with storage under the second row of seats. Make use of the 17” touchscreen to help navigate your way.

Go up to 465 miles on a single charge
0-60mph in 2.9 seconds
Top speed of 130mph
Vault like storage


3.6kW Cable

7.4kW Cable

11kW Cable

22kW Cable

Single Phase 16a

Single Phase 32a

Three Phase 16a

Three Phase 32a

Max supported charge rate


Will work but your car is limited to 11kW


Important Note About 11kW Cables: 11kW cables (3 Phase, 16A) are not usually ideal as a general charging cable in the UK. This is due to the fact that most EVSE (Charge points) in the UK are single-phase only. This would cause your 11kW cable to charge at 1 phase, 16A which is a 3.6kW charge rate, the slowest you can get! Most users would benefit more from a 7.2kW charging cable or the heavier 22kW charging cable.

Our EV charging cables are backward compatible. They will automatically switch between 32 and 16 amps. So you can purchase more amps and phases for use on others cars/future-proofing and it’ll still work on your current car. Any cable lower than your cars maximum supported charging, will limit the change rate to the cable capacity.

Don't forget, your charge rate is also limited by your charge point. 

Car Side Plug/Connector

Type 2 EV Plug Connector

Type 2 


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