Cable Workshop Acquired. New Partner Benefits!

To our new friends and partners coming from cableworkshop,

Big news! Cable Workshop and EV Cables have been acquired by the Wottz Group, and we'll be investing heavily in partnerships like ours.

But let's backtrack a bit first and make some introductions. We're Graham, Iain and James, the co-founders of Wottz, which is a brand new company in the electrification space. After many months of discussion with Richard we decided to join him in the next stage of EV Cables growth.

We took over the business in June this year and have been busy learning the ropes whilst starting to make investments in various different areas. We and the team (including Isadora, our Head of Support, and David our Business Development Manager) have spoken to many of you, but we thought it was about time we started communicating our wider plans and updating anyone we've missed.

EV Cables is able to offer a truly unique range with our made-to-order and from stock model. At the core of our plans is the intention to protect and build on this. There is one key change we'd like to focus on now.

Website Migration

You may or may not know that and are part of the same business, EV Cables Ltd. One of our first projects was to migrate website technology to a new platform to give a better experience for users. We've also made the decision to merge these together under one brand "EV Cables" so we can focus our efforts and be as transparent as possible.

The new version of is now live and we'd like to invite you to start using it for commercial/trade orders. Over time we'll be phasing our but it'll be available for a while still.

New Features of include:

  • Simplified product structure - Rather than offer multiple listings for generations and custom cables, we now have one product page that contains logic to first offer you what we have in stock, but where we don't have stock of a cable move to custom build instead.
  • Free UK Shipping - And cheaper international shipping.
  • Simplified navigation and design - Helping you find what we're after, faster.
  • Percentage-based discount for partners - Once you have a partner account you'll automatically get 17.5% discount. Note: We've updated our model here. On average the prices will work out similar to what you're used to on cableworkshop, but you also benefit from any price changes on our retail side.

Wholesale Account Activation

You'll shortly receive an email from inviting you to set up an account. You'll just need to click "Activate your account" and set up a password, then you'll be good to go. We've already set you up with your partner account, meaning when you're logged in you'll automatically get your discount applied. If you need help or didn't receive an email, just contact us at 

Account Management

Your main point of contact moving forward will be David Waggott who is a veteran of the EV world and has joined us to help support and grow our partner relationships. Many of you have already spoken with him but if you don't yet have his details you can reach him at or on 07535 818082.

General Support

Customer / Partner support is really important to us so we've introduced a full office hour coverage support team, email (, live chat ( & phone (01304 251434) support. This is the place to go for all post-sales or general inquiries.

We're excited to be working with you and about what we can do together. Here's to the future!


Will you still offer the same range of cables?

Yes! In fact by blending from-stock and made-to-order , we're able to offer any cable between 2m - 50m all of the time.

I'm a drop-shipper. How will that work on the new website?

If you'd like to place an order that's billed to you but sent to your customer, you can just enter their details in the shipping address as you previously did with cableworkshop. We'll then send it directly to your customer without any reference to EV Cables or the price you paid.

How do I know what's in stock?

When you're on a product page and have made your selection you'll one of two  messages:

"In Stock: Same Day Dispatch Before 11am, Next Working Day After"


"Custom Made: 3 - 7 Working Days Dispatch or Check Other Colours for Cables in Stock.

Typically we hold stock of most cables under 25m in at least one colour and over the next 6 months we plan to hold stock of everything under 25m, replacing them as they're purchased. Over 25m we'll typically make-to-order.

If you purchase more than we have in stock of a specific cable we'll contact you to see if you'd like us to split the order and ship you what we have in stock, then custom make the rest.

For very large orders we can also set up a factory run. The process usually takes around 25 days, plus shipping. Just contact your account manager if you'd like to place a factory order or if you'd like to check stock levels before placing a larger order.

What happened to Generation 2, 3.1, 3,2 etc?

To simplify things for our customers and partners we have removed the generations and made it our job to offer you the best EV Cables available. There will be some small differences between some the made-to-order cables and from stock, such a slight difference in the size of the plugs during this transition period, but over time we plan to offer a fully standardised range regardless of the source.

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