EV Tuesdays Week 47

EV Tuesdays Week 47

EV Tuesdays: Week 47
4th October 2022

It's that time of week again EV Lovers! Happy Tuesday!
Today is the day you get to have a look at what we have in store for you.
This week there will be 5 different pieces of exciting electric car goodness. You can enjoy an app, an event, some information and maybe an owners tip to look at.

So, grab yourself a drink, be it hot or cold depending on what time of day it is, a biscuit or a packet of crisps, open up the 5 links and enjoy.
We'll also be posting these to our blog hereTwitter, Facebook, Reddit (check out r/evcables subreddit) so get involved and give us any ideas in the comments, they may well get used next week!

1. EV App of the Week: Caura

Caura is the ultimate app for streamlining and managing everything related to your electric vehicle. You can organise and pay for car MOTs, tolls, and insurance all within the app’s user-friendly dashboard.
Whilst EV owners are exempt from many common charges such as road tax and city congestion charges, Caura puts all your remaining admin in one place.

2. EV Info: EV Database

Our main goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport by maintaining an easily accessible database with all data regarding electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles, in combination with autonomous driving, will be one of the most relevant revolutions in the automotive industry. Autonomous electric vehicles will one day be the norm.

Plug-in vehicle charging is dependent both on the technology built into the vehicle and into the charging infrastructure.

When the charging capability of the vehicle is less than that of the charger, then the vehicle will charge only at the maximum speed allowed by the vehicle.  

When the charging capability of the vehicle is greater than that of the charger, then the vehicle will charge at the maximum rate allowed by the charger. Click on the image below to find out more.

4. EV Charging Network: Charge Your Car

Want to use our charge points without signing up? Just go to this live map, select the charge point you want to use, and you’ll be directed through to a payment page where you can start the charge and then stop it again once you’re finished.

5. EV Event: London EV Show

The inaugural edition of the London EV Show emerged as the leading international EV event in terms of participation & execution.

Despite the covid restrictions, the event was instrumental in gathering the leading EV professionals from across the globe to drive valuable conversations and long-term collaboration through a combined in-person and virtual format.

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Owners Top Tips: Very Satisfied Customer

(1) Some supermarket chargers are still free, and a few offer up to 22kw charging, also free. So get, and keep with you, a 22kwhr 3-phase type 2 charging cable. That way you can get the best from your car's AC charging capability.

(2) Keep a close eye on metered power declared by chargers. A Geniepoint near me declared 11kw delivered even though my car's basic cable was only capable of 7kw, and the car only received 7kw. If it wasn't free at point of charge this would be mis-selling.

Kind Regards, Myke (very satisfied customer)!

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

EV Cables Team 

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Peter Ingham

Peter Ingham

Is there a system out there that can tell you when you are approaching a ChargePoint whether the machines are available and working, i.e. when on the M5 approaching Michaelwood services, are the chargers available and if not what about the next set of services?

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