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Aston Martin Rapid E Charging Cables

Aston Martin Rapide e EV CABLE

Your Aston Martin Rapide E supports a maximum of 55KW charging (Three Phase/32A) and uses a Type 2 Connector.

Choose from the cables listed below.

Aston Martin Rapide E has been built for speed. This stunning, versatile sports car is worthy of a racing team. Built for speed, it has enhanced performance, better dynamics and a powerful design, Aston Martin have taken this car to new extremes.

The 6.0 litre V12 engine, combined with a new engine and gearbox calibration, is what helps with the increased power. This stunning car puts out 603PS and 630NM of torque and it has a quad exhaust giving off the amazing sound.

The Aston Martin Rapide E goes from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. It has 21inch wheels with high performance Michelin Super Sport tyres and the multi spoke wheels help with brake cooling, something this car needs if you drive it to its full potential.

Charging is done using a Type 2 connector with a maximum power of 55kW. A fully depleted battery will charge to 80% in around 45 minutes using a fast charger at a speed of 245kph, but you will need a phase 3 grid connection to achieve this.

Aston Martin Rapide E is available in 3 different designs with 4 colours to choose from. Choose from Scintilla Silver, Onyx Black, Lightening Silver or Mariana Blue. Choose the Silhouette scheme and add a full-length stripe in Clubsport White or China Grey.

Goes 205 miles on a single charge
Top speed of 155mph
0-60mph in 4.2 seconds


3.6kW Cable

7.4kW Cable

11kW Cable

22kW Cable

Single Phase 16a

Single Phase 32a

Three Phase 16a

Three Phase 32a

Max supported charge rate


Our EV charging cables are backward compatible. They will automatically switch between 32 and 16 amps. So you can purchase more amps and phases for use on others cars/future-proofing and it’ll still work on your current car. Any cable lower than your cars maximum supported charging, will limit the change rate to the cable capacity.

Don't forget, your charge rate is also limited by your charge point. 

Car Side Plug/Connector

Type 2 EV Plug Connector

Type 2 





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