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Type 3 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable

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Length: 2m
Current: 32A / 7.4kW
Colour: Blue
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    This cable has black handles.

    Fast Charge your EV at 3.7kW or 7.4kW (8 hours or 4 hours respectively for a 30kw Battery).

    Strong Impact resistant from a 1 meter drop onto concrete. Dust and splash-resistant with an IP Rating* of 54 when mated.

    Comfortable The contoured grip fits in your palm comfortably allowing for easy insertion and removal of the plugs.

    Compatible Suitable for all Type 2 electric vehicles including Tesla, Jaguar, Renault, Kia, BMW, Ford, Audi, Vauxhall, Nissan, MG, Mercedes, Hyundai. 32A cables are backward compatible with 16A supplies.

    All Our Cables Come with an industry-leading 2 year warranty and a free bag.

    * What is IP54 Rating?

    The IP54 (Ingress Protection Rating) means our cables will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashes of water while mated. However, the charging process is not fully water sealed and the cables should not be submerged in water. The rubber dust cover provides minimal protection against water ingress so care should be taken to not leave cable exposed to the elements when not in use.

    Single Phase Wire Information

    3G2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² EV Wire (AC) / 11mm Diameter
    16A Single Phase ( 3G2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² )

    3G6.0mm²+1*0.75mm² EV Wire (AC) / 12.5mm Diameter
    32A Single Phase ( 3G6.0mm²+1*0.75mm² )

    16A 3 Phase
    5G2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² EV Wire (AC) / 16mm Diameter
    16A 3 Phase ( 5G2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² )

    32A 3 Phase
    5G6.0mm²+2*0.5mm² EV Wire (AC) / 19mm Diameter
    32A 3 Phase ( 5G6.0mm²+2*0.5mm² )

    Charging Cable Safety

    • The cable should be kept out of puddles but can be kept outside.
    • Please remember to use the rubber dust cover to keep debris from collecting in the connector when not in use.
    • Moisture is the most common issue experienced and will lead to corrosion of the pins which are not covered by our warranty.


    Risks of charging in the rain?

    Water can still get into the plug and charging socket during the inserting and removing of the plug from the car. In fact, as soon as you open the charge port or unplug your car, the rain will get onto the pins and stay there until the next time you charge.